Hunt for Red October (September 29th - October 28th)

Compete against other anglers and catch the largest overall bag of redfish to win this Skirmish. Anglers will catch redfish during October and their top 3 will go in their bag.



  • Anglers compete each other by having the biggest bag (3) of redfish that meet the minimum length criteria defined in the Points Distribution page.
  • All Kayak Wars rules apply. (i.e. Team monthly catch limits).
  • Angler's bag includes the 3 biggest fish before monthly limit is reached.
  • All registered Kayak Anglers in North America automatically participate.
  • Fish must be caught on or after the Skirmish start date and uploaded by Skirmish end date. You must upload your catch before Skirmish end date even if you are within the 14-day upload window.
  • All winner's catches will be closely audited before standings are confirmed and finally



Hunt for Red October Leaders