Last modified: December 2016. Updated Catch Sumission section. Added 2017 season dates.

Please contact adrian@kayakwars.com with any questions.


All anglers entering the Kayak Wars Tournament (the “Tournament”) agree that neither Kayak Wars, LLC nor any of its owners, members, employees or sponsors are in way liable for any injuries or accidents that may occur during angling or kayaking in the Tournament. You are entering the Tournament exclusively at your own risk. Failure to comply with these Rules shall be grounds for disqualification without refund. To participate you must read and agree to the Terms & Conditions set out below. No one under the age of 12 years may enter the Tournament. Anglers ages 12 - 17 years must have a release of liability signed by their parent or guardian. That release can be obtained by contacting Kayak Wars Organizers (the “Organizers”) through e-mail. The signed release may be returned to Organizers via mail or e-mail.

There will be a non-refundable registration fee for registering in the Tournament. All entrants agree that any photo submissions posted to the Kayak Wars site may be used by Kayak Wars, LLC at its discretion for promotional purposes.

The Kayak Wars Rules or time duration of the Tournament may be changed without advance notice but will be announced to registered anglers at such time as any changes are made. The Organizers reserve the right to alter rules due to exploitation or to end the tournament early at their discretion.


Kayak anglers from all US states, Canada, Caribbean, Europe, Australia and other areas are welcome to join. There is a maximum of 5 members per team. After reading and agreeing to all rules and terms, you may enter your team using the "REGISTER" link. Once you and your team have registered, the Organizers will assemble your team with the given team names provided during registration by each angler. Kayak Wars 2017 Tournament begins on February 18, 2017 and is open through December 17, 2017. December 17th is the last day to upload submissions. After the Tournament begins, you may begin submitting your valid catches in the submission form using your registered account by logging into your profile.

Individual anglers and teams of anglers are all welcome to participate. Individuals and those on teams will be eligible for individual prizes. Team prizes will be awarded to those on valid teams. A valid team consists of 3 to 5 people registered to a region, with at least 3 members living in the team’s region and 70% of total catches from the team’s region. Team members may be added to reach a max of 5 after the season starts. All movement between teams is restricted after March 30, 2017 unless reviewed with the Organizers and approved at their discretion.


All catches must be made from a kayak, SUP, canoe/hybrid, or a canoe 16 feet in length or less. No Wading or Out-Of-Kayak fishing. Fish must be hooked, fought and landed from the kayak. No length restrictions on kayaks, SUP, or canoe/hybrids. Kayaks with sails, tandem kayaks, kayaks with pedal drives and kayaks with stabilizers are allowed. Motorized mechanics for propulsion on kayaks are allowed for catches in the Mothership category only. Motorized mechanics for propulsion on kayaks are NOT ALLOWED to be used for all other point categories. If you are physically disabled or unable to paddle or pedal a kayak please contact the organizers and let us know your situation and we will allow motorized kayaks.

'Motherships' are allowed for transporting kayaks and anglers to offshore destinations. A motorized kayak can be used in lieu of a mothership to earn points under the mothership point category. These points for only the major species/types of pelagic fish including Billfish, Blackfin/Yellowfin Tuna, Wahoo, Amberjack, Cobia, Grouper and Dorado are counted in association with Mothership deployments. The Mothership category can also be used to enter catches taken on kayak fishing vacations, such as the Bahamas, Baja, Panama or elsewhere. Due to the extreme danger, sharks will NOT count for points from Mothership deployments so do NOT try to target them.


All fish must be caught on rod and reel. Bowfishing, trot lining, or jug lining is not permitted. All entrants and competitors agree to abide by all local and federal boating, recreational, and game laws.

All Fish 36" and under MUST be photographed with a measuring device showing proof of posted length following the rules below:

  1. Any portion (laying natural facing left, top fin up) of the fish species mouth is touching the bump board (eg. LM Bass Lower lip, Channel Cat, upper lip) and no obstructions (hands, lipping device) are in the clear view of where that portion of the mouth is contacting the bump board is considered a good picture.
  2. Fish facing left, top fin up
  3. Inch lines visible on bump board
  4. Entire fish in photo
  5. Clearly taken from a kayak

Exceptions & Clarifications:

  1. This rule also applies to ALL fish of all lengths being submitted for TROPHY or RECORD Status. The only exception is for Billfish, Sharks, and Tarpon. All other species must abide by this rule. Failure to comply by this result will result in deletion/modification/downgrade of size. Repeated offenses may result in disqualification for the angler from the Tournament for the year.
  2. All fish 36" or less MUST have the entire fish in the photo. For larger fish, please make the best possible attempt to include the whole fish along with an object for scale (ex. ruler, water bottle, or boga grips). If the Organizers feel the submissions are questionable because of unclear photos, inaccurate size reported, poor attempt at getting the whole fish in the photo, or any other reason leading to the submission not being properly eligible, then the submission may be deleted and the angler warned. To prevent this disqualification of a catch, take several pictures (clear photos) of each fish to help validate your catch.
  3. For ALL fish 36" and under, you MUST take photos of live fish at/around time of catch. Dead fish photos for this mentioned size will be disqualified and deleted (with some minor exceptions by KW organizers). Large species (over 36 inches in length) may be submitted as dead fish so long as all other criteria are met. If your catch does not meet this criteria it will automatically be deleted without warning.
  4. You must have your kayak or a fellow anglers kayak in a picture to verify authenticity of kayak fishing. In the alternative, a sequence of photos from other fish pictures uploaded must establish that you were kayak fishing. Any submissions on land such as 'grass/lawn/yard' which cannot prove the validity of being caught in the kayak shall result in deletion.
  5. All sharks must be released for safety reasons. All other fish have the option of being kept (pending your local game laws).
  6. The fish for the largest of each species must be measured and photographed with a measuring device to validate length. The length of very large species such as Sharks, Tarpon, and Billfish, can be estimated but good photos providing scale must be presented to assure validity.
  7. Multiple submissions of the same fish will not be accepted and will result in disqualification of the angler and, at the discretion of the Organizers, the angler’s team as well. Anglers MUST contact the KW organizers to request corrections to submissions.


Pictures are required for all catch submissions. Photos must show the entire fish. Shark bite or other partially mutiliated catches will not qualify. You have a maximum of 14 days to post your fish to Kayak Wars after your catch. Submissions made more than 14 days after date of catch will not be accepted.

IT IS HIGHLY ADVISED THAT YOU USE AN ACTUAL CAMERA AND NOT A CELL PHONE. We cannot guarantee submissions to work from a phone/mobile device. Photos must be at least 800x600 resolution to be accepted however we request it to be the highest resolution possible, preferably the original image. Cell phones can be used but with some products such as iPhone/iPod/iPad you will likely have to email the photo to yourself and then open up on a PC, and then you will be able to submit from there - this is why we encourage the use of an actual digital camera instead. Use phones for photos at your own risk.

The date and time on your digital camera must be set accurately to make submissions. The system will not accept pictures that have been taken with cameras that have inaccurate date and time values that are set outside the range of the competition.

Digital cameras have special information that is encoded into the image when you take the picture (defined as exif data or metadata). It's embedded into every image captured with a current digital camera. You probably never even knew it because it's hidden.

Just set your date and time on your camera correctly and your picture submissions should be fine. You may use an apple device (ipod/iphone) to take photos, however, you must transfer your photos off of the apple device and onto a non-apple device (PC, etc.) to be able to submit the catch.

Do not resize your photos. Some image resizing programs actually remove the embedded time data from your photos.

We recommend uploading your photos directly from your camera for the best results.

Records - Fish that break the all time Kayak Wars world records must have additional photos to verify length in case requested for validity. The fish must be photographed against a ruler/board displaying the full length of the fish. This excludes sharks, tarpon, sturgeon, and billfish. While you do not need to provide a photo of fish over 36" with a measuring device (unless a record, trophy size, or borderline minimum length), you do still have to measure the fish. For fish in question by angler, additional photos can be sent to the Organizers.


For each fish submitted, you will receive points if the catch meets the following requirements:

  1. Catch is greater than or equal to the minimum length for the species OR catch is greater than or equal to the trophy length for the species
  2. Catch is submitted for the region where the fish was caught (not the team’s region or the angler’s region)


  1. Monthly cap for species applies to each team.
  2. For species that can be caught in freshwater and saltwater (ex. Salmon and Striped Bass), you must specify where the fish was caught
  3. Trophy submissions MUST show fish measurement in the photo. Exceptions apply such as Shark, Tarpon, Sturgeon, Billfish etc.
  4. Not all fish have trophy points.

A list of all eligible species, points, and angler monthly cap is listed on kayakwars.com.

See Kayak Man Points page for additional scoring opportunities for anglers.

SKIRMISHES: These are competitions created to feature sponsors, partners, organizations or a particular species for a specified time period during the duration of Kayak Wars. These challenges award an angler for the largest of a species or for various other types of angling marvels (ex. Most spots on a Redfish, Most King Mackerel). These events are available to registered anglers in the competition and may be limited to particular regions. The Kayak Wars Tournament Rules and special competition rules must be followed and the Organizers may disqualify anglers from the special challenge and from the Tournament for cheating.

Prizes are awarded at the end of the Kayak Wars season when all prizes have been collected from sponsors or procured by the Organizers. In the event a sponsor is unable to fulfill its prize donation, the Organizers will do their best to obtain a replacement.





You agree to observe and obey all rules of the Event as set out on the Kayak Wars website.

You agree that participation in the Event is at your own risk.

You agree, to the extent permitted by law, to indemnify and hold Kayak Wars, LLC, its directors, officers, employees, agents and sponsors harmless with respect to any claims arising out of your participation in the Event. This means that you cannot sue or recover any damages from Kayak Wars, LLC, its directors, officers, employees, agents or sponsors for any claims, including personal injury or property damage, arising out of your participation in the Event.